The Halogen Digital Story

Halogen Digital is the evolved product of Top Spot Optimisation that was founded by our Director Olly Fairbrother way back in 2007 when SEO was a very different animal to what it is today. The world of optimisation is now a collection of different things. In the past it was all about link building and volumes of links alone gained the results required in the search engines. That is most certainly not the case today. Building links is still an extremely important SEO factor but it is all about quality not quantity. Just as important now is the content of a website. Back to that well used phrase “Content Is King”

New Web Services

Top Spot grew with the industry and optimisation techniques were developed to ensure that google algorithms were always respected. On Page Optimisation and Link Building were a hugely successful part of the business but an area that was always lacking was being able to offer the other important services that go hand in hand with SEO such as website design and development, content writing, website hosting, branding and many other services that weren’t offered. Things had to change and a recent meeting changed the face of Top Spot for the better

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Halogen’s other director is Dan who first had a meeting with Olly back in 2012 and although much was discussed, due to other projects that Dan had at the time nothing ever came of it. Then earlier in 2016 a chance meeting led to what you see before your eyes. The timing was perfect and with Dan’s technical genius and ability to build extremely powerful websites the fit was a perfect one. Dan also spent many years working for SEO agencies and has soaked up a font of knowledge on the subject. He is also passionate about website hosting and it is due to his expertise on the subject that we can offer an impressive hosting package.

Halogen Digital Logo - Square

A Digital Agency Is Born

With several other members of the team being able to offer brand and logo design, social media services and many other aspects of the online world, Halogen Digital is now the agency that Top Spot could never quite be. The future is most certainly very bright!