The History of Halogen Digital

Join us on a journey spanning the decades, as we take you back to the halcyon days of 1998. The full story of Halogen Digital, right from the beginning.

Like many stories birthed in the late 90s, it started with an iMac…

Amazon was a new and exciting way to shop, Google was just beginning to matter, and Sega Dreamcast (the first games console to feature online connectivity) was preparing to launch.

The internet was just about to take over the world, and future Halogen co-founder Daniel wanted in on the fun.

Mac OS 8

It was only natural then, that when Apple announced their new computer branded as “The excitement of the internet. The simplicity of Macintosh,” he would simply have to have it.

Albeit primitive by today’s standards, that iMac gave Daniel the resources he needed to learn how to code HTML and start building websites.

Vauxhall Keep in Touch Form

Fast forward by eight years, and it is now 2006. Daniel has been honing his skills for almost a decade, and takes the risky decision to skip university, instead diving straight into the world of corporate design.

Initially he tries his hand at the freelance market, and manages to secure a short contract producing contact forms for Vauxhall Motors.

Later that same year, Daniel is lucky enough to secure an internship at one of the UK’s largest design agencies. An experience that proved invaluable, as it helped to mature his understanding of the industry and the clientele.

Oliver Fairbrother

Unbeknownst to Daniel at the time, his future co-founder Oliver was beginning to experience success in the world of SEO and digital marketing. Whilst this set of skills was initially learned to help promote his own online retail business, Oliver soon found that friends, family, and eventually paying clients were coming to him for help in promoting their websites.

These techniques proved very successful, and he soon realised he could use this as an opportunity to provide a great value online marketing service to local businesses. At the time, SEO services were either highly expensive or just downright bad. It was definitely time for a new approach.

Top Spot Optimisation was born, and quickly become Oliver’s primary focus as a result of significant demand for the service.

Old Halogen Logo

After many years as a freelancer, early 2010 saw Daniel founding a company baring a familiar name. This business, known as Halogen IT Services, provided web design and development alongside IT support.

It was during this period that Oliver and Daniel would first meet, with Daniel looking for an established marketing company with which to collaborate.

After several years of working together on larger projects, the two met again in 2016 to discuss the possibility of working together in a deeper capacity. Daniel was starting to develop an interest in digital marketing, and Oliver was experiencing increased demand for website design. It seemed like a natural match.

Halogen Digital Logo

In what is perhaps the quickest business deal in history, Daniel and Oliver realised they were far better off working together in the time it took to eat a burger and fries at the local pub.

Within weeks a name had been decided on, paperwork filed, bank accounts opened, and branding produced for the newly formed Halogen Digital.

In the years since our company’s birth, we have grown our team and expanded across the UK and out into the wider world. We are very lucky and immensely proud to serve valued clients as close as our hometown of St Albans, and as far away as Hong Kong.