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A Brief History of Search Engine Optimisation

Vannevar Bush

So here we will give you a brief history of search engine optimisation. Most people today think that SEO all started with the worlds most powerful search engine. However it was not actually the mighty Google but an American engineer called Vannevar Bush. He was at the top of his game and was the¬†head of America’s Office of Scientific Research and Development during World War 2. Bush was involved in various projects of importance and was the man that initiated the atomic bomb Manhattan Project, and was a co-founder of the USA defence contractor Raytheon. Continue Reading

SEO Benefits of a Unique IP Address?

Unique IP Address

Generally speaking, in the past a unique IP address was seen as a positive quality signal by search engines; simply because hosting a on a dedicated service costs more than shared hosting, where many sites (1000+ in some cases) share a single IP. The reason for this is that there are a finite number of possible IP addresses, with the ever-expanding world of technology using more and more as time goes by. Continue Reading

Penguin 4.0 – Google’s Latest Algorithm Change

Google Algorithm Update Penguin 4.0

September was a strange old month with Google making a series of changes to their algorithm and it meant an extremely busy time for SEO companies like us! At the beginning of September we witnessed significant changes with search engine results. Fortunately for our clients they were mainly positive. Forums have been full of SEO’s reporting that websites have been hit hard. The latest changes have been named the Possum Update. Continue Reading