Halogen Digital have years of content writing experience. We produce what we call SEO ready content - search engines love it...

Content Is King

Attend any SEO conference, watch any video, or discuss the matter with any content marketing company and you will notice the same phrase over and over. "Content Is King". Whilst those in the industry are probably tired of hearing it, the statement rings true even today and is likely to be the case for decades to come. Content Marketing is the number one source of organic traffic, and reader engagement.

Unique Content

Unique text content is the very lifeblood of your SEO campaign and so the higher the quality, the better your results. Combined with proper on page optimisation, external links, and proper social engagement, the potential for success positively skyrockets with the right content.

Regular Content

Since 2010, Google has rewarded the use of regularly updated, timely content. For most websites this comes in the form of a monthly, weekly, or even daily blog. Many of our clients opt for fresh content, created and published every day on their behalf. To their website, social media profiles, and in the form of email marketing.

UK Writers

The importance of high quality text cannot be understated, and so we use exclusively UK writers with speciality degrees in the industry. All pieces are double checked by our in-house editor, and in the case of SEO optimised content our on-page gurus add their magic touches to ensure optimal ranking potential.

Short Form Content

Whilst Google does reward longer content on the web, especially in niche subject matters, sometimes shorter is better. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms need to be punchy and straight to the point. In some cases your message needs to be conveyed in as few as 140 characters! Not a problem for the Halogen writing team.
Whatever your requirement, a hand tailored solution can be found for your exacting needs. Articles, blogs, news, guides, and more. We've got you covered.