Logo Design

Silke Kitchens LogoWe specialise in logo design and since the inception of our agency, one of our most highly requested services is that of logo creation. Starting with our own, Silke Kitchens, and DFT Instruments, amongst others, we feel that our offerings faithfully convey the personality of their respective business. Bold, visually pleasing, and refreshingly simple; our design philosophy is clear.


We’ll freely admit it, we’re a bunch of marketing geeks with keywords and HTML code on the mind. We’re very data oriented people, and we believe that leaks over into our designs. We favour clean lines, optimal use of colour, and above all we love to produce something you’ve never seen before. Whatever you attribute it to, there is no doubt a Halogen Digital logo stands out from the crowd.

Retina Friendly

As a company specialising in digital marketing, which for many years has meant catering to the growing smartphone market, all of our designs are produced with mobile in mind. High quality images in multiple resolutions to ensure a beautiful presentation on all devices, big and small.

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