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Halogen Digital are a website design company that offer a full range of services relating to websites and online businesses. We are experienced in web design and development and offer full and flexible website solutions. We can design and create your website for you, but if required we are also SEO experts that can help your website gain popularity in search engines such as google. Halogen Digital are professional web designers and there are a few ways for you to approach the creation and development of your site.

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Three Design Options

Option 1

You could purchase a template website or subscription service from an off the shelf website provider for a quick and easy solution that will removes any of the more complicated processes of having your own bespoke website created. These websites are usually hosted by the provider on cheap shared servers which can effect the performance of your site in the search engines and you will still pay a monthly or annual fee to keep the website live.

Option 2

Another option for you would be to learn how to edit an existing template site which would probably suit your specific needs more than in Option 1 but this is a time consuming process and can often prove frustrating. With this option it would give you a solution more specific to what you require but is still just a template rather than being a bespoke website. You would need to organise your own hosting for this option with possible problems.

Option 3

Halogen Digital can design and develop a fully bespoke website for our clients and it will be built as you want it to be. We listen to our customers and will adhere to all your wishes when it comes to the design and build of your unique website. We will also advise along the way to ensure that you don’t just have the site you envisaged but one even better than even you had imagined. Just have a look at our portfolio to see what we can offer you and your business!

These website options all have their advantages depending on your personal circumstances and requirements. It will all depend on how much time you have and of course the budget you have set aside for your website project. It is important that you know that Website Option 3 is not always as expensive as you may think and we have some fantastic affordable solutions for you.
Always remember that you can develop your website over time; you can always start with a more basic website and evolve it over time. We have assisted lots of small local businesses to help get them up and running without the expense that you might imagine.

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