What Is Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the creation of a strategy to enhance the searchers perception of you or your business. Brand reputation is at the forefront of the online world more than ever. Within the last 10 years or more, the increase in social engagement online via social media platforms has been immense. If you combine this with Google’s huge increase in “searchers”, then we have a mass of online reviews, comments and articles that will either make or break you as individual or a brand!online reputation management

All of these different platforms, whether they be social media, blogs or news sites, any comments about you or your business can have a positive or negative effect. Finding out information about a person or a business has never been easier and potential customers use Google as the major source for their research.

Strategy & Objectives

Halogen Digital help you repair your online reputation and achieve your objectives and develop a realistic strategy that will help you achieve the desired results. We believe in SMART objectives and expectations for our campaigns. They are highly structured and strategic in order to achieve the end goal of reputation repair.

Onsite Personal SEO

Reputation Analysis & Repair

Reputation Management is sometimes referred to as Personal SEO, usually because it is a process looking to repair the reputation of an individual. Of course it is also a process relevant to companies or organisations. Where we have access to websites we will ensure that the content on these websites or domains is optimized to its fullest in order to increase the popularity of it in the search engines.

We use specialist search tools and data gathered from our software so that we can fully understand how people search for you (or your business) and monitor various aspects of the searches made by web users looking for you (or your business).

Offsite Personal SEO

Link Building & Social Media

Reputation Management is really reverse SEO. We use all the same techniques that we would to optimise one website, but do the same to promote all of the positive websites, articles and social media accounts in order to overtake any “bad” articles or websites there may be on the web.

A good linking strategy will help build your brand’s visibility online, but also passes weight to the website and improves relevancy and subsequent rankings in the search engines. We will define your link building objectives and develop a realistic strategy that will identify key hubs in your industry and authoritative link targets that will achieve the desired results.

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