Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Optimization to our American counterparts is one of the most important parts of any digital marketing campaign. Creating a beautiful website is just the beginning. If you want people to actually find and experience your website, increasing both traffic and of course revenue, then hiring an SEO professional is your next port of call. We’ll help the world (or at the very least your local area) find you at the top of the search engines!

Local SEO

Recent updates with Google have made Local SEO a hugely important factor for small businesses looking to target local customers, whether they are locals or just visitors

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National SEO

National SEO is for companies looking to increase traffic nationally and not restricted to their local area such as e-commerce sites and big brands.

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Global SEO

The SEO package for International businesses that are looking to target customers worldwide. Usually big brands with franchises or global e-commerce websites.

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On Page SEO

This involves the analysis of a website’s pages. Once analysed we would then make the relevant amendments to the content of your pages to help improve your search engine rankings. On Page SEO simply looks at every url of your site and makes sure that your content and other important factors such as the Meta data are search engine friendly. At Halogen Digital we know what Google and the other major search engines want to see and our on site analysis will give you a head start of many of your competitors.

So many people are still naive to the fact that one of the most crucial factors of any website is it’s content. We will ensure that the content of your website is of the highest quality and is structured to an SEO standard. If the format of a site is poor or the structure is “messy” then it can effect any of the hard work that goes into the Off Page SEO which we have explained in more detail below.


Off Page SEO

This involves the optimisation of a website away from the actual site. As soon as we are happy that a website is successfully optimised On Page, then our Off Page strategy comes into effect. Various ethical techniques are use. Known as white hat SEO, we always stick to the rules! Link building is paramount to the success of your website. We create links to your domain from other sites. There are various link building techniques. Reciprocal Links (links exchanged with other sites) and One Way Links (getting a link to point to your page without the need to link back). Many debates have taken place on just how beneficial reciprocal linking is now. Although one way is the more powerful, it won’t do any harm to get reciprocal links, particularly if they are from a well respected domain.

Bespoke SEO

Want something customised to your specific needs? We’re happy to help!

We realise that every company has unique requirements, customers, and circumstances. Whether you’re looking to target a single town with a minimal budget, or go all out on a global campaign with thousands of keyword targets, Halogen Digital can tailor a search engine optimisation package to your precise specifications. Mix and match our services to achieve exactly what your business needs.

For more information about bespoke SEO options, please contact our team directly.

Monthly Reports

Monitoring a website’s performance is crucial to the progress of any online business. Generating various reports helps us see what needs improving upon, but also helps business owners evaluate various areas of their company and what they are doing right and what they can change. The reports that are created at Halogen Digital are invaluable to every SEO campaign. Customers receive ranking reports on a monthly basis which shows exactly how the site is performing in the major search engines such as Google. We can also create a report that uses each customers Google Analytics account to analyse the traffic the website is getting.

We have various reports that we can create. At the start of every project we generate a full website audit, although we can run these audits any time. They can be very useful for new and existing customers to gain an insight into their website and any issues that there may be. Competitor analysis reports are also really beneficial to some businesses and can be a fantastic tool for both ourselves and our clients. Please click the button on the right for more information on these SEO reports.

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