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Is Bing “bigger than you think”?

Bing is bigger than you think

This piece of information might come as a surprise to many internet users, and even the most savvy of searchers out there.

According to a recently published Tweet from the Bing Ads team (see below), Bing enjoys a very respectable 23% share of the UK search market. But how accurate is this figure? We thought it was worth briefly diving in for a closer look. Continue Reading

Google’s Latest Algorithm Change

Google Algorithm Update Penguin 4.0

September was a strange old month with Google making a series of changes to their algorithm and it meant an extremely busy time for SEO companies like us! At the beginning of September we witnessed significant changes with search engine results. Fortunately for our clients they were mainly positive. Forums have been full of SEO’s reporting that websites have been hit hard. The latest changes have been named the Possum Update. Continue Reading