Reports and Analysis

As a Digital Agency one of the most important factors is being able to report on various aspects on a monthly basis. Monitoring the progress of a website is paramount to the success of every campaign. These reports such as the ranking report help us see what areas are succeeding and also the areas that may need more work. They are absolutely vital to the success of any online marketing project.
Website Audit

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Monthly Client Reports

Each month all of our customers receive a ranking report highlighting the progress of their site’s keywords in the major search engines including google mobile results. We also provide various reports that help assess the overall progress of a campaign.

Finding Website Issues

Before we start on any project we always run a full website audit that analyses every page of a website and tells us all the issues that there are and need to be rectified. We also offer free website audits to anybody that may ask with no obligation. We can run a full audit at any time, should any of our customers want to look further into their website and any potential issues. Another fantastic tool that we have is the ability to analyse your competitors websites which can be very useful for us and of course our clients.

Ranking Reports

Halogen Digital will email you a ranking report on a monthly basis that will highlight how your chosen keywords are performing in the search engines. Our main focus is Google, including mobile results but we can also include your results from search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

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Google Analytics Reports

Another excellent tool that we have can include your website’s Google Analytics data. As long as we have authorisation to access your Analytics account then we can seamlessly include these sats in our reports. The more we can analyse each month the better results we can achieve for you.

Google Analytics Reports

Competitor Analysis Reports

At Halogen Digital we have the ability to compare a variety of metrics of your competitors websites to give us an insight into a variety aspects of yours and your competitors businesses. We can see their links and analyse their websites and what they are or aren’t doing. This is of huge benefit to both ourselves and our clients.

Competitor Analysis

Website Audits

We can also provide an audit for your website. The audit highlights any issues that there may be with the site. We will always generate one of these reports for new customers so we know what will be required to ensure the website is “google friendly”. Many things we will be able to address, but there may be issues that your website developer will need to address.

Website Audits

Keyword Research Reports

Another important factor is keyword research. We can run a keyword analysis report that shows us estimated traffic volumes for those keywords. This stage helps us to develop and finalise a target keyword list with our clients.

Keyword Research Report