Silke Kitchens are a luxury German kitchen showroom and design studio, with their flagship location in Hendon Central,

Silke are on the first page of Google for the majority of their target keywords, and receive a significant portion of their turnover as a direct result of internet marketing activities spearheaded by Halogen Digital.


SEO | Website Design


Silke Kitchens

What We Did

Ongoing successful SEO campaign focusing on various important industry targets. Graphics, stationary, and website design.
Social media management.

Silke asked us to oversee a complete website redesign, from the ground up, to more closely match their brand image and help target the german kitchens and italian kitchens market

The existing website was whitewashed to make way for a completely new approach, both visually and in terms of usability

August 2017 marked the launch of Silke’s new website, now hosted on our UK based servers to ensure an optimal user experience and unparalleled SEO potential

Adding colour to the palette

Silke Kitchens had historically featured tones of white, grey, and black.
Adding a splash of colour helped to liven up the brand

Adding various complimentary hues of pink, blue, and green allowed the Silke Kitchens website to show off a previously unseen playful side to the brand